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Garbage Disposal Installation, Repairs, or Replacement

Kitchen plumbing today would not be complete without the proper installation and operation of a garbage disposal. Once considered a luxury, disposals are now a kitchen staple, serving as a key element in food preparation safety and overall cleanliness. Garbage disposals in homes and small businesses alike allow cooks to discard vegetable matter efficiently. At the first sign of frustration, call (239) 394-3995 or contact us online for the trusted kitchen plumber, Paul Stein Plumbing. Trust us for the best in garbage disposal installation, repairs, or replacement in the Marco Island area.

Residential and Commercial Kitchen Plumbing

Paul Stein Plumbing offers residential and commercial kitchen plumbing services. Many homes and offices have kitchens of various sizes. Whether you are installing or replacing your kitchen plumbing, or need to make a repair, count on Master Plumber, Paul Stein Plumbing. Residential kitchen plumbing services may include sink and drain work, installing fixtures, and more. Commercial kitchen plumbing services may also include specialty installations for floor drains or equipment. Talk to our experts about ways to keep your residential and commercial kitchen plumbing working at its best.

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Kitchen Water and Drain Line Installations

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Today’s modern kitchens often require the installation of additional water or drain lines to accommodate all the functions homeowners do with meal preparation. Depending on the size of the kitchen area, there may be a utility or rinsing sink as well as drains for the sink and dishwasher. If your kitchen needs an upgrade, talk to the experts at Paul Stein Plumbing for the latest kitchen plumbing features. Read more on our Sewer and Drain page.

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